Bird Nest Camera

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nest box with camera

bird boxes are great in trees but they are just as good on the house

Selecting a bird nest camera  does not need to be a complicated experience. We deliver the information that you need without over facing the visitor. Review and find out about all things Garden bird watching. We believe we have sourced the best Camera boxes for your garden. If you want crystal clear images of your garden birds that will provide hours of entertainment. A bird box camera will provide endless viewing hours of your garden birds.

Watch as they raise their young and at the same time provide education for your own children or grandchildren.

Imagine the delight of your visitors and friends as they observe your gardens wildlife secrets.

Lets have a look and see if you can get started.

First of all select the equipment for your own needs.



Cedar wood nest box

Cedar wood rustic design

bird camera

translucent window for better bird box camera images

The first item you require is a bird box we offer two styles. there is little difference apart from appearance. they are both hand crafted and will provide the shelter a nesting bird needs. You don’t need to put a bird nest camera inside each box. Sometimes you will site your box and the birds take a dislike to your chosen location. If you place more than one box. If you only have one camera you can transfer the camera to the box in use. Also consider some wireless systems will allow the viewing from up to four different boxes. So it is not a bad idea to get more than one bird nest box.


Bird Nest Camera

These come in two basic categories. that is they are either physically hard wired to your home entertainment system. or they are wireless. wireless means that the camera will transfer the images via wireless transmission to the receiver that is connected to your home entertainment system or computer.

So which bird nest camera system is best for you

wired bird nest camera system

most reliable bird nest camera

Consider this. The wired system is the most reliable and robust. Its big advantage is the power source is taken care of in the initial installation. There is really only one draw back when compared to the  wireless system. That is, you will need to get a wire to come into your house. But don’t let this put you off. It really is not such a big deal. It only requires a whole drilled through a wall to enable the connections to be made. Once this is done the camera has a reliable power source that you can control from inside the house. It has a secure method of transmitting the pictures to your TV without any interference from other wireless devices operating on the same channel. Just one more thing to add. Wired systems are cheaper.



wireless kit 3

The wireless system could be the one for you. If you have a power supply in an outdoor shed or garage. If you would need to get a wire back into the house to access the power supply then seriously consider the wired in option. You can run these wireless systems using a battery but in reality do you think you will actually go into the garden to change the batteries. Batteries generally last around 9 hours. The range of a wireless system is around 100mts. Another advantage with wireless cameras is that you can run up to four cameras on the same system. though interference from other devices can sometimes be an issue. 



So there it is plain and simple all you need to do is choose your system and box. Are you going to go for

the wireless system or the wired system


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