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With the annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch coming up next weekend, now is the perfect time to stock up on your bird food and take part in this crucial event for the UK’s bird population.

By simply placing some seed and treats out in your garden and keeping a record of the birds you see over this weekend, you will be helping to play a huge part in the welfare and research to find out what species are thriving and more importantly, which species are declining in numbers.

To encourage everyone to get involved, we have a very special week long offer, where customers can get £5 off their orders when they spend over £30, plus free delivery!

This is a fantastic chance for beginners to get involved in feeding birds and in an affordable way as well. All of our Love Wildlife bird food is of a high quality and will give birds a well rounded diet, which is vital during the coldest months of the year that we are currently in.

To get the discount, all customers need to do is Follow the link below and enter BIRDWATCH into the box at the checkout.

 Make use of this Bird feed offer here

Its so nice to be able to watch your Garden birds. Even if you do not have a bird nest camera if you just give your feathered friends a treat you will have hours of free entertainment watching them squabble over the feeder.

Dont forget to take part in the RSPB study this weekend.

So stock up on your Bird Feed now.

Bird Nest Camera

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